Our Dames

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Olde South's Minnie Mouse

Olde South’s Minnie Mouse aka “Ella” is a very stocky blue brindle by Olde South’s Blue Lily and Heavy Hitters Krusher. She is a carrier for the tri gene and can produce all variations of blue Olde English bulldogges. She is a grand daughter of Heavy Hitters Magic Stick, 2x’s Carrera’s Blue Demon, 2x’s Joyful […]

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Olde South's Black Envy

Envy is a black trindle bred here at Olde South born 12/2014 by Olde South’s Lavender and Heavy Hitter’s Krusher. Her pedigree includes Joyful Acres Bruno, Legacy, Morpheus, Carrera’s Blue Demon, and HH Notorious. She is a very stout stocky girl and built just like her sire. She is very athletic like her mother with […]

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Olde South's Ethyl

Ethyl is a chocolate and white 2 year old female bred here at Olde South by Ivey and Willy. She has great confirmation and a wonderful personality. She loves everyone and gets along well with all other dogs. She is 60 lbs and 16 inches. She is 4x Gargoyle on he sire’s side, 2x Carrera’s […]

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Olde South's Blue Abbigale

Abbey is a blue tri by Heavy Hitter’s Ellie and Olde South’s  Blue Magic. She is a very athletic girl with loads of stamina. Abbey is very healthy and has the ability to exceed as an endurance dog. She is a very smart girl and will produce pups with stamina, excellent health, and incredible athletic […]

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Heavy Hitters Godiva

Diva is a Chocolate tri by Heavy Hitters Black Gold and Heavy Hitters Mr. Wonka. Her grand sire’s  (Lor’s Top Gun) pedigree is straight gargoyle.  Her dame’s pedigree includes Carrera’s Blue Demon and the infamous Heavy Hitters Stella. She has a fantastic personality, perfect confirmation, and can produce blues, chocolates, lilac, and all variation of […]

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Olde South's Heidi Ho

Heidi is a black tri by Black Gold and Mr Wonka. She can produce rare colors and all variations of tri including lilac. She is a full sister to Heavy Hitters Godiva. She is a very stout and bully girl. She has a vivacious fun loving personality and is in prefect health. She will be […]

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Olde South's Princess Fiona

Fiona is a black tipped sable by Ivey and Willy. She is a very smart girl that with extreme bully features. She has great conformation at 16 inches “short”and 58lbs. She is a carrier for blue, chocolate, and tri colors. Her sire Willy is a chocolate tri and her mother Ivey is a blue. She […]

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Olde South's Murphy

Murphy is a lilac tri female by Olde South’s Harlee and Heavy Hitters Houdini. She is a very sweet girl that gets along with and loves everyone. She is very smart and has been a joy to train and work with. Her pups are smart, easy going, and adorable. Murphy is a very rare lilac […]

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Olde South's Chocolate Molly

Molly is a chocolate tri by Murphy and Willy. She is a carrier for the “blue” dilution gene. She is an athletic girl with an affectionate personality. She loves everyone and gets along well with all other dogs. She has a great temperament and is in perfect health. She will be bred to Gunny early […]

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Olde South's Blue Ivey

Ivey is a blue and white female by Olde South’s Lily and Bishop. She is very athletic with no health problems. She has wonderful confirmation and a fantastic bully build. She is 58 lbs and 16 inches. Ivey is very playful and loves everyone. She can produce all rare colors and all variations of tri […]

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Violet (Retired)

Heavy Hitters Blue Violet

Violet is a very  bully girl with great confirmation. She is a blue tri with an an amazing pedigree.  She is very affectionate with a laid back easy going temperament. She loves everyone and gets along well with other dogs. Violet is very short, stout, and compact.

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Olde South's Blue Lily

Lily is a blue tri by Heavy Hitters Magic Stick and Heavy Hitters Laffy Taffy born 4/29/2013. She is a granddaughter of Legacy, Morpheus, Blue Suede, and Carrera’s Blue Demon. She is a perfect OEB. Her confirmation is flawless, she is extremely athletic, very playful, and in perfect health. She is 62lbs and 16 inches. […]

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Goldie (RETIRED)

Heavy Hitter's Black Gold

Goldie is a black tri female bred by Heavy Hitters Bulldogs. She is the mother of Godiva and Kahlua. She can produce all rare colors her genotype includes kyky, Bb, Dd, atat. She is 55 lbs and 15.5 inches. She has a very loving sweet personality. She is so laid back and easy going. Her […]

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