Our Dames

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Olde South's Blue Annie

Annie is a blue tri female by Olde South’s Zeus and Olde South’s Athena. She is a granddaughter to Heavy Hitters Mr. Wonka and Heavy Hitters Magic Stick. Annie is a lovely girl with beautiful markings. She is a carrier for the chocolate gene and will produce all variations of rare colored tri pups. She […]

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Olde South's Francis

Franny is a black tipped sable by Ella and Oscar. She is 17.5 inches and 68lbs. She is very stout, thick, and bully. She is a very playful sweet girl. She is a carrier for the dilution gene and tri gene. She will produce beautiful blue, blue tri, and traditional colored pups. Franny is blue […]

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Olde South's Blue Boots

Olde South’s Blue Boots is a gorgeous and an extremely athletic blue trindle female by Envy and Donne. She is 3rd generation for Olde south and can produce beautiful blue tri and blue trindle pups. Boots is very playful and loves people. She gets along well with all other dogs and has a wonderful temperament. […]

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Olde South's Blue Delilah

Delilah is a blue tri bred here at Olde South she is by Donne and Molly. She is a very athletic girl with great confirmation. She has no health problems and will pass her athleticism and stamina on to her puppies. She is a carrier for the chocolate gene and can produce all variations of […]

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Olde South's Maybelline

Maybell is a beautiful blue tri. She is by Donne and Murphy born November 2020. She is 58lbs and 16 inches. She is a very sweet girl with an affectionate¬† personality. She gets along well with other dogs and will pass her this great temperament on to her puppies. She has exceptional confirmation and no […]

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Olde South's Bright Lilac

Lilac is a Isabella/lilac tri by Godiva and Gunny born at Olde South May 2018. She has beautiful marking and a very stout bully frame. She has great confirmation and a very sweet disposition. She is wonderful example of the quality of our breeding program and a fantastic representative of the breed. She is very […]

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Olde South's Blue Camilla

Milly is a blue tri female by Annie and Willy. She is very athletic and extremely smart. Milly loves people and gets along well with other dogs. She can produce all rare colors including lilac tri. Milly is the picture of good health. She has a wonderful personality has been so easy to train and […]

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Olde South's Gertrude

Gerty is a Chocolate tri female by Charlotte and Oscar. She is so loving and sweet. She is a very smart girl and has been super easy to train. We love her easy going disposition and kind nature. She gets along great with other dogs and LOVES people.

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