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Meet Sandi Cheeks

Lilac Tri, Olde English Bulldog Female

Sandi Cheeks | Lilac Tri Female

Sandi is a beautiful lilac tri by Lenny and Annie. She is very affectionate, athletic, and extremely smart. She loves everyone and gets along well with all other dogs. She has been easy to train and is in perfect health. She is an excellent example of the quality dogs we produce in our program. He pups will have good confirmation a loving temperament and will be very trainable.

IOEBA Blue Ribbon Registration.

The Olde South Difference

We raise every one of our purebred bulldogge puppies with unmatched care and consideration. We are experts in pedigree evaluation, best breeding practices, OEB color genetics and hereditary, care, nutrition, and training. Our kennel facility is state-of-the-art, with automatic watering and feeding systems, insulated igloo shelters, separate puppy kennel, and three acres of doggie play park on premises.

When you buy one of our puppies, you have the confidence of:

  • Life time consultation and support
  • Puppies raised with the best veterinary care available
  • Certificate of health and current shots
  • Five generation pedigree from International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA)
  • Nutrition programs designed and maintained by animal nutritionists
  • Puppies well-socialized with other dogs and children

Contact us about puppies from Sandi Cheeks

Call us at (803) 339-0410, email or use the form below.

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