Olde English Bulldogge Puppies For Sale

Meet our newest puppies! Olde South Bulldogges combines advanced genetic training and a caring environment to produce the happiest and healthiest, pedigreed Olde English Bulldogges available. We deliver to many locations in the south at no extra charge.


by Boots and Lenny

Barbie is a blue trindle female puppy by Boots and Lenny born 7/1/23. She can go home any time. Purchase includes first shots, registration papers, health certificate, and 1 year health guarantee. We will be delivering to Florida September 15th. We deliver to several locations in the southeast. Contact us for video of Barbie.

Blue Trindle Female Olde English Bulldogge Puppy For Sale


Leo (SOLD)

by Lilac and Lenny

Leo is a lilac tri puppy by Lilac and Oscar. He was born 8/11/23. He can go home October 13th. Purchase includes first shots, health certificate, IOEBA registration papers, and puppy contract with 1 year health guarantee. A $500 deposit will hold him until his release day. We will be delivering to Charlotte NC on […]

Lilac Tri Male

Wendy (SOLD)

by Lilac and Oscar

Wendy is a chocolate tri puppy by Lilac and Oscar. She was born 8/11/23. She can go home October 13th. Purchase includes first shots, health certificate, IOEBA registration papers, and puppy contract with 1 year health guarantee. A $500 deposit will hold her until her release day. We will be delivering to Charlotte NC on […]

Chocolate Tri Female

Breeding Calendar

All pups start at $3200 breeding rights are not included.

Pictures are taken of each litter of pups at 4 and 6 weeks of age.

We do not honor any other photo requests for pups that are sold and waiting for their release day. 

Delilah is bred to Oscar pups due October 10th. Second pick of litter is available. 




Getting Started

The best way to start the adoption/purchase process is to put down a pick of the litter deposit. You can use this link to submit via PayPal. Only clients that have a deposit with us are contacted when we have pups on the way or available.

We work very hard to up hold our stellar reputation as an award-winning kennel of Olde English Bulldogges and the number one Olde English Bulldogge breeder in the south. As a result our pups are highly sought after. The breeding schedule for upcoming litters is posted and updated regularly on our home page. It is not likely a client will be able to get a puppy if they wait for the pups in any upcoming litter to reach 2 or 3 weeks of age. Most all our pups are spoken for before birth by clients who have put down a pick of the litter deposit. All deposits are non-refundable.

Because we are a very very busy kennel, I am not able to contact you to “let you know we have pups available” if you have NOT put down a deposit. All clients that have placed a deposit are considered VIPs and have preference before any pups go on the market. Please follow my Facebook and check the website often I do update regularly.

Getting Started at Olde South Bulldogges

The Process

  • Decide which upcoming litter you are most interested in.
  • Send a $500 deposit using this link. The deposit comes off the purchase price.
  • The $500 deposit is non-refundable but can be applied to a future litter up to 2 years after it is received.
  • If a pup is available before your litter is born and you would like to switch your deposit to a puppy not spoken for by another family you may do so.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have prior to placing a deposit through my contact form (preferred), email, text, or phone call

We are happy to meet any client at the Augusta, GA airport with their new puppy. It is very easy to fly home with your puppy on United or Delta airlines from Augusta, GA. We can help you arrange air travel and walk you through the process. We have met many clients from various cities in the Untied States over the years at the Augusta airport. We are happy to meet clients that want to pick up their puppy by car in Augusta, GA and Jacksonville, FL. We only deliver to Jacksonville, FL and Augusta, GA at no extra charge. We can meet clients in many cities in the southeast for a fee. We deliver in the south east only.

Pick of the Litter

Pick of the litter is offered to as an option on every litter. First pick through fourth pick deposit is $500. We notify the family 24 hours after the puppies have arrived and send photos of the puppies at 9 days old. The family has 48 hours to select a puppy or forfeit their choice. If the person with the first pick option fails to select a puppy, the photos are sent to the family with second pick of the litter and so on. Selected pups are held for the buyer until delivery at 8 weeks of age. The pick-of-the-litter deposit allows a family to choose a puppy before they are put on the market. It is not possible for a client to wait to see how the personalities, temperaments, or dispositions of the pups emerge before they select their their puppy. All pick of litter deposit clients must select their puppy when the litter is 2 weeks old or forfeit their place in line. Puppies are not held without a deposit. The balance is due at pick up or 8 weeks of age. We offer a $100 discount for paying your balance in cash at delivery. All deposits can be applied to the adoption of any puppy up to two years after receipt.