Olde South Bulldogges Puppy Reviews

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Madison is so Smart

Shared by in Atlanta, GA

Madison is thriving and doing great . She is also going through dogie doors how amazing she is thank you!!


Deb W.

5/ 5 stars

Gus is a blessing

Shared by in Atlanta, GA

Thank You so much for what you do! He is such a blessing…doing great…Love him.

Tera R

5/ 5 stars

Mayce is now 36.8 lbs & loving life!

Shared by in San Antonio, TX

I’ve got her fetching. She brings it back to me every time! We named her Mayce Mae. She’s doing well with her kennel training. She definitely keeps us hopping. We just love her.

Here’s some current pics. She’s now 36.8# & loving life!


San Antonio,  Texas

5/ 5 stars

Grown up to be an awesome Old English Bulldog.

Shared by in Jacksonville, FL

Just a quick note about your puppy Gumbo(our name for him) he has grown up to be an awesome Old English Bulldog. He has turned out to be a great looking boy. Cute as a button.

He goes to daycare three times a week to play with other dogs. Jeanne and I love him, but Robyn he is differently a Momma’s boy.

5/ 5 stars

We Love Our Beautiful Chocolate Tri Male dog from OSB!!

Shared by in Tampa, FL

Our Guy from Olde South Bulldogge’s always makes everything better!

5/ 5 stars

Love Mookie!!

Shared by in Orlando, FL

This is our Mookie from Olde South Bulldogges. He is 6 1/2 months old. Wonderful dogs!

5/ 5 stars

Harriett the Wonder Dog !!

Shared by in Atlanta, GA

Harriett (Phyllis) 5 months old and loving life. She is an amazing girl. Thanks Olde South.

5/ 5 stars

Best Blue Tri Pups!!!

Shared by in Nashville, TN

Marley and Dozer. She is 11 months and he 9 months..love our pups!!

5/ 5 stars

OEB Chubbs

Shared by in Jacksonville, FL

Our 9 month old awesome OEB Chubbs!! Best dog we have ever had. Such a great temperament and so smart.

5/ 5 stars

Blue is in Chicago

Shared by in Chicago, IL

Blue is doing great. He is very playful and sweet. Thank you for helping us out and answering all of our questions. We are very happy with Blue.

5/ 5 stars

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