Our Sires

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Olde South's Blue Magic

Donne is a blue tri by Magic Stick and Heavy Hitters Laffy Taffy produced by Olde South. He is extremely athletic and in excellent health. He has stamina, substance, stout bully features, and perfect confirmation. Donne is a great example of what our breeding program can produce. He is 65 lbs and 16.5 inches.  

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Olde South's Black Oscar

Oscar is a black tri by Heavy Hitters Mr. Wonka (aka Willy) and Olde South’s Blue Lavender born at Olde South 9/13/17. He is a very athletic boy with an affectionate personality. He gets along well with all other dogs and has a fantastic laid back temperament. He is a carrier for the chocolate gene […]

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USA Lynard Skynard

USA’s Lynard Skynard is a spectacular lilac tri male born 1/7/20. He is a grandson of of Color Me Bad’s Einstein and Devil Anse. He is a great grandson of Lor’s Top Gun. He is very athletic with a playful disposition and super temperament. He is the picture of perfect health and has amazing confirmation. […]

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Heavy Hitters Mr. Wonka

Willy is a chocolate tri OEB by Lor’s Top Gun and Heavy Hitters Peppermint Patty. He is 62 lbs and 16 inches with a huge head piece. He can produce both chocolate and blue tri. He is a very nice boy, wonderful with children, and loves everyone. He is very easy going guy with no health […]

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Magic (Retired)

Heavy Hitters Magic Stick

Heavy Hitters Magic Stick is a striking Blue Tri. He is the sire of many of our second generation OEB. Magic is now retired but his prodigy occupy a large portion of our breeding program. Magic is a Morpheus grandson and Blue Suede great grandson on the top and bottom lines of his pedigree. Magic […]

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