Health Guarantee

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Olde South Bulldogges has a commitment to raise happy, healthy dogs. We take every step possible to ensure this: from selection of Sire and Dame to overseeing healthy births, from working with the best veterinarians to providing a happy environment for them to grow up in. All adult dogs in our program have under gone a through health screening specifically an extensive cardiac and joint evaluation.

For a period of up to one year from their birth, owner’s can have a certified veterinarian examine the puppy for a congenital or hereditary disorder that is a major medical concern. We will work with you to find another puppy and take your original puppy back to ensure it has a happy home.

And while we have the right experience to breed puppies of certain colors, sizes and friendliness, we cannot guaranteed size, color, quality, and disposition or fertility.

What we can guarantee is that we are here as a resource for you as your puppy grows to help your family grow together.