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Avoiding a Fraudulent puppy purchase

Avoiding a fraudulent puppy purchase

After months of looking, you see an online advertisement with the perfect Olde English bulldog puppy. The seller doesn’t live in your area though (could be a different state or even a different country). You send them an email and they seem nice enough. You decide to take the leap and put money down on your new dog. The seller states they don’t take checks or credit cards and requests a money transfer. After paying for the puppy, the seller requests additional fees for vaccination and safe transportation. You send more money without hesitation because you want a healthy puppy arriving safely to your home as soon as possible. You wait for your new pup’s arrival and nothing happens. You try to contact the seller and get no response. I have heard this story many times. It angers me as it hurts reputable breeders and ethical business owners. People become emotionally invested in getting the dog of their dreams, which causes them to put their guard down and criminals take advantage of this vulnerability.

The first red flag is form of payment request. If the seller requests a money transfer from a western union type business this is a bad sign. Money transfers should not be used for sending money to an individual for any type of online purchase.

Ask for breeder registration information and verify it.  If they don’t provide it or make up excuses, walk away. If the so-called breeder avoids offering references, walk away. Just like any other good business, references should be available for clients should they want them. Request these from the seller and contact the references to verify other people’s experiences. If they don’t have any, don’t make the purchase. If you only receive a few photos of the animal, it’s a red flag. Ask for more photos and request them to be taken with a specific item, such as a tennis ball or recent newspaper. If you can’t see a puppy in person, make sure you research extensively,

Another deal breaker should be their manner of communicating. The messages sent by these criminals are in English but the grammar is often slightly different from how we normally converse. For example he said “ I will have the pup registered for an urgent and classic delivery”. It is not possible to get a deal on olde English bulldogs from a reputable full-time breeder. It’s just too costly and labor intensive to breed and care for these dogs properly for a legitimate breeder to give away their pups.  If the price for quality old English bulldog puppy is under $1500 it is a scam. The people who defraud you are very good at sounding like an experienced breeder. Please beware!!! I will be happy to evaluate any puppy you want to purchase at any time to let you know if I think you may be a victim of a scam